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Heidi's Gardenrestaurant (Hua Hin)  

White Wine



South-Africa, fruity bouquet




Casas de Pirque Chardonnay, Chile
Between Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain are the best condition to make an outstanding wine like this Chardonnay. Smooth and fruity. Enjoy it with pork, chicken or fish.



Santa Alicia  Sauvignon Blanc
Reserve Maipo Valley, Chile
Fruity, fresh and medium-dry. You will like its touch of oak. Enjoy it with fish and white meat.



Riesling Classic, Pfalz , Germany
It is a special ! Dry, but not to much, aromatic and powerful. Drink this Riesling with any fullflavoured dishes. It goes very good with Thai dishes.



Tree Line Chardonnay, Australia
A typical Chardonnay from Australia. Fruity with a long Aftertaste good in colour and bouquet. This wine is at home on tables with white meat dishes and fish.


Monsoon Valley Colombard, Thailand
The Colombard grape originates in Southwestern France. Here in Thailand, it creates a wine similar to Sauvignon Blanc-elegant and perfumed. Since tasting this wine with many buyers, it is considered to be the best Thai white wine. In addition, it has won first runner up at the FBAT Wine Challenge 1005, beating some famous names from old and new world alike ! 82 points at Mudus Vini 2008, Germany



Viu Manent Sauvignon Blanc Secreto, Chile
Intense mineral smokey notes dominate on the nose, backed up by vibrant nectarine and white peach. In the mouth more exotic fruit such as guava and passionfruit dominate leading to a flinty finish.



Mateus Vina de Mesa Rose Portugal
May be the most famous Rose of the world. Beautiful colour, not strong in alcohol, with a slightly fruity flavour make this wine very special. Medium dry and refreshing matches this wine good with a wide variety of dishes. 



Red Wine





South-Africa, fruity bouquet




Viu Manent Malbec Secreto, Chile
So intense in colour. It’s almost opaque. Exhibiting a rich nose of blackcurrant, chocolate and black cherry. In the mouth leather, mocha and liquorice flavours dominates. Supported by blackbone of robust yet supple tannins.



Two Oceans Cabernet- Merlot, South-Africa
An easy drinking, medium bodied and fruity wine. This classic South African wine is suitabele with a winde variety of full fravoured dishes.



Alicanto Merlot, Chile
Medium and deep red. Very long and with a mouthfilling taste. This excellent and soft wine is a good partner with beef, pork and also spicy Thaifood.



Santa Alicia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Maipo Valley Chile
Aged in French and American Oak it is a complex and full-bodied wine. Smooth and aromatic it is in good accompany with steaks and full-flavoured dishes.



Tree Line Shiraz Cabernet, Australia
A fullbodied and medium dry wine.  Its berry aromas and its mouth filling taste make this wine to a good match with red and full flavoured dishes. Its smoothness makes this wine easy drinking.



Monsoon Valley Shiraz Reserve, Thailand
Only fully ripened grapes have been hand-picked for this wine. The Mediterranean-like climate and constant ocean breeze allow the grapes to develop rich flavors. Well-balanced and structured, it has wonderful aromas of ripe plum, sour cherries and subtle notes of spices and coffee.

  • Bronze Medal at International Wine & Spirit Comp.,2006 UK
  • Bronze Medal at Wine Master Challenge, 2006, Portugal