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Heidi's Gardenrestaurant (Hua Hin)  

  The story of Heidi's Gardenrestaurant

“When you  have customers who eat here three, four, even five times a week, we know we are doing something right”, says Heidi’s co-owner  and namesake, Heidi. Running Heidi’s with her husband for more then ten years has given the couple plenty of insight into the culinary wishes and habits of Hua Hin community. Heinz says “Oh, we  try different ideas with the menu, and it’s the customers who always tell you what they like and don’t like”. The restaurant reflects the Scandinaviean influence here in Hua Hin, both in looks and menu.

Located on Poolsuk Road (behind the big Hua Hin temple), Heidi’s is open, informal and friendly. As the name implies, it’s a garden setting, open on three sides to allow a nice breeze. The food is traditional European basedm but there is a full Thai menu, including Tom Yam Kung and chicken Satay (Thai food can be custom ordered-Euro non-spicy to Thai “phet mak”).
The Swiss influence starts with “Swiss Pizza” – and two fried eggs (“perhaps a good last meal before a diet” says Heidi with a smile); Scandinaviean style meatballs with mashed potatoes, Wienerschnitzel with Salad and French fries, “Zurich Style” sliced pork with white wine and a mushroom-Cream sauce; and a Swiss cheese Fondue.

The full menu also includes “king sizes” American sandwiches on baquettes – Cajun chicken with melted cheese and onions, fresh ground in – house hamburgers, a wide variety of soups, salads with in-house Dressing ( a favorite), pasta, fish and beef plates and a special “Kinder (child’s) Menu” with either Wienerschnitzel or macaroni,  incl. an ice cream dessert and free Soft Drink. Heinz points out that “Kinder” into their eithties and nineties have been known to order from the Kinder-Menu – it’s perfect for a liehter dinner. There are also daily special offers – dinners for under 200 Baht incl. appetizer and main course with rice. Special seafood dinners can be ordered a day ahead, Heinz and Heidi will go out and purchade the fish fresh at the market in the morning.
We had the Chicken Brest”Hua Hin” with a Shrimp-Filling with Orange Sauce and fried Potatoes – it was excellent. The chicken was moist, we could taste the Shrimp Filling, the Orange Sauce wasn’t owerpowering, and the potatoes were done to perfection – not greasy at all, and not dry. For dessert there is a good choice of Ice Creams, Pancakes, fried Banana with Honey or a fresh fruit plate.

There is a choice of South African  house wine starting at 120 baht per glass and an ample choice of bottled wines from South Africa, Chile, Australia and Portugal is available from 820 – 1040 baht. Heidi’s also offers Sparkling wines and Cattier Brut Champagne for the special occasion.

Of course beer is available – from house draught to European imported, inncl. Pflümli and Chrüter  (both Swiss), Obstler, Kirsch, and Apfelkorn. Over 200 different cocktails can be chosen from, incl. “Heinz Originals”. There is also cappuccino, expresso, teas, soft drinks and juices available.

Heidi and Heinz pride themselves on the business they have built up over the last 14 years. Swiss standards of cleanliness and service are evident, and Heidi laughs “We are famous for our WC’s – especially the women’s” A  UV-Water-Treatment-System is used for all water used for cooking and washing (“you could drink that water” says Heinz, who can also provide information on the system for homes). “A restaurant is a lot of work, you have to love it like we do” says Heinz, “our staff is like family, they have been with us since we started. That is something to be proud of, I think”. “ And many many of our customers have become good friends. We have watched families grow up!” adds Heidi.”We have a real family atmosphere here. Children like the aquariums (several holding exotic looking fish), the turtles (in a pond) and the rabbits (in a hutch with runway off to the side). We are always willing to organize birthday parties or other celebretations – the garden can be set up fot 4 or 40 people.

We are well-known for putting together a party” Heidi’s Gardenrestaurant is open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to midnight – and that means the kitchen closes at midnight, not before.


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